This ClickHouse demo was part of a Modern Databases for Finance series that was presented to finance firms in 2023 and now made public. It outlines:

  • What ClickHouse is
  • Central Features
  • Common Use cases
  • Architecture

The presentation is by Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO. Robert has been working with databases since 1983, his latest company Altinity offer enterprise software + services for clickhouse to help companies be successful with ClickHouse.

About ClickHouse

  • Distributed SQL Column Store
  • Open source, Apache 2 License.
  • 30K+ Github stars
  • 392 Unique Contributors

Common Use Cases

Fast, Cost-Efficient End USer Access to Trillion-Row Datasets

  • Fast - Sub-second responses that scale linearly with resources.
  • Cost-Efficient - Low cost and predictable.
  • Trillion-Row Datasets - Market Tick Data, DNS queries, real-time ad bids.

ClickHouse Architecture

ClickHouse Architecture

MergeTree columnar tables are key to performance.

  • ClickHouse is fast on all storage mediums
  • Runs anywhere. Racked, kubernetes, cloud, VMs
  • Integrates with everything open source

ClickHouse Database Visualization

Both PulseUI and qStudio support ClickHouse as well as 30+ other data sources.

ClickHouse Review

In 2018 I downloaded clickhouse and although tricky to setup at the time, once I got it up and running the ability to store and years of tick data including ASOF joins was something no other open source database supported at the time. Since then it's got friendlier, more features and even faster.

ClickHouse has the most open and comprehensive benchmarking suite of any database we have seen and we've looked at a lot of benchmarks.

If you want a more in depth look at ClickHouse in finance, I recommend ClickHouse at Deutsche Bank by .