Tableau is Slow

Around the web you will find reports of Tableau being slow similar to those shown below, this article tells you how to make Tableau faster:

  • "Why is Tableau so slow? How can I make it faster?"
  • My Tableu is having performance issues, how do I fix it?
  • What slows down tableau the most?
  • How can I make my worksheet load faster?

What is Slow?

First do some investigation and thinking:

  • How long is it taking to load a worksheet?
  • How many panels do you have in the worksheet?
  • How many data points does each query return? (date range? sampling rate?)
  • What is your back-end data source?
  • Is your Tableau server at max capacity? (CPU/RAM)
  • Is your data source server at max capacity? (CPU/RAM)
  • Network bandwidth/latency between Tableau and the data source?
  • Network bandwidth/latency between Tableau and the client?
  • If you run the queries outside Tableau, are they slow there too?
  • Has performance only recently got worse? What changed? (Upgrade? Server? Panels?)

Create a performance recording in Tableau Desktop

  1. To start recording performance:
    Help > Settings and Performance > Start Performance Recording
  2. To stop recording and view a temporary workbook containing results from the recording session:
    Help > Settings and Performance > Stop Performance Recording
  3. You can now view the performance workbook and begin your analysis.
Tableau chrome web dev tools

Tips to run Workbooks Faster

  • Pull Less Data - Only connect to data sources you need and only pull back the limited data you need. The more you change data or perform joins, the slower it will run.
  • Non-Realtime = Use extracts. Extracts are a quick way to make most workbooks run faster.
  • Reduce the number of charts. Rather than trying to show everything on one page. Either create separate pages OR allow the user to later drill down into data.
  • Limit your filters. Filters can cause performance issues if used too much.
  • Use Aggregated Data. Does aggregating the data give users the summary they actually need.
  • Remove unused columns.