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The below questions are meant as a small challenge to see if you are a kdb God or a mere mortal.

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Quiz Questions

  1. Which function can be used to enumerate the symbol columns of a table?

  2. Attributes in kdb allow describing or applying data structures to lists to allow queries to run faster.
    Which of these is NOT an attribute in kdb?

  3. Which command can be used to set the size of the terminal console?

  4. Which function allows renaming columns?

  5. Which command line option allows kdb to run in a read-only mode?

  6. Which function can be used to sort a list (in numerically increasing order)?

  7. Which event handler can be overridden to control access via a username and password

  8. Which function is used to search and replace text within a string?

  9. Which kdb function can be used to set an environment variable?

  10. Which function can be used to return the command line arguments that launched kdb
    None of the above.

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