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We believe kdb is a great tech solution to many big data problems and we want to help others discover how powerful it is.

We have decided to provide our online training course that normally costs $1300 for free to students.

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Why You should learn kdb?

  • kdb pays very well - According to itjobswatch and magma the Average salary is £87,500 with Average salary % change year-on-year +6.06%. With 90% offered a salary of more than £50,500 and 10% offered a salary of more than £119,000.
  • Extremely Fast Nosql - Before the term nosql was invented, kdb was already doing massive datasets in memory and on disk. It's a commercially proven nosql system that delivers results lightning fast.
  • Lots of Universities are using kdb - , Baruch College - The City University of New York, Berkeley University of California, Carnegie Mellon University, ETH Zurich, Goethe University Frankfurt, Harvard Business School, ICARE Institute, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Loughborough University, MIT, University of Lugano, University of Southampton, University of Western Australia, University of Western Ontario, University of Zurich
  • The language is unique and interesting - It is interpreted but extremely fast. It includes its own form of SQL based on ordered lists rather than sets. Its different and it will help you think differently about how to solve problems. If java/C/python gives you a hammer, kdb gives you a spanner, which when you have a particular problem you can elegant solve it with the correct tool.
  • Lots of Firms use kdb - Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & co., Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC....
  • It's Fun - It's my personal opinion but as someone who knows php,java,C++, kdb is the only language I would pull out for fun :)