DolphinDB is a high-performance time-series database that integrates a powerful programming language and a real-time streaming data system to provide a one-stop solution for fast storage, retrieval, analysis and computing of large amounts of structured data.
Pulse is a free internal app builder, it allows creating data driven GUIS while writing only SQL code.

Setting up a DolphinDB connection in Pulse

Start DolphinDB

  1. Download DolphinDB from the official website.
  2. Check dolphindb.cfg to see the setting for localSite=localhost:8848.
  3. Start dolphindb.exe
  4. Connecting to DolphinDB from Pulse

    When you first open Pulse it will look like the image below.

    Add Data Connection

    When you first open Pulse it will look like the image below.

    1. Click on the Connections menu then Add Connection button.
    2. Server Type: DolphinDB
    3. Host:localhost
      Port: 8848
    4. Username: admin
      Password: 123456
    5. Click Add

    Add DolphinDB Connection

    Create Database

    Copy paste the below code into the SQL editor. Then highlight everything and press Ctrl + e to run that code.

    Create UI

    Go to the main dashboard listing page, then click add dashboard and:

    1. Click add component Table.
    2. Make sure the data source is set to your DolphinDB connection. Dolphin in this demo.
    3. Enter your SQL query.
    4. Click Send Query to update the UI.
    DolphinDB Create GUI

    Well Done!
    You have now created your first Pulse App. See our other tutorials for more advanced examples.