kdb+ Trader Dashboards

Trader Real-Time Dashboards

Trader Screens typically fall into 4 categories:

  1. Context – News / Prices
  2. Action – Change algo config or execute trades.
  3. Position – Current Net position, 5 min PnL
  4. Trades
Pulse is a tool for real-time data visualization that allows you to create and share real-time interactive dashboards with your team.
It is particular well suited for displaying real-time trade blotters, price graphs or any context/position data for traders.

Download Pulse

Add kdb+ Server Connection

To add a connection goto Connections->"Add Data Connection" and fill in your details.
You can try clicking test to see if the connection works before adding it.

Pulse connecting to kdb+ database

Populating the Tables

Copy and Paste the below code into the SQL Editor and press "Send Query":

You can run "-10 sublist trade" to check the data is there:

kdb+ Data Insert
  1. Make sure your data source is selected
  2. Enter your SQL query, click save or highlight all text and press ctrl+E
  3. Highlight -10 sublist trades and press Ctrl+E to run only that code

Real-Time Trade Blotter

First make sure you are in design-mode else click the toggle at the top of the dashboard. This should add a top panel that allows you to add components.

  1. Click Time-Series to add that chart
  2. Make sure your data source is selected
  3. Enter your SQL query, click save or press ctrl+E
  4. Set the column formatters
kdb+ Trade Blotter

Historic Trade Blotter

Copy existing real-time dashboard to get the same formatting. Then add the form components and update the query.

  1. Click "User Form" to add a user form to the dashboard. Then move and resize it as you want
  2. Within the Form Editor, click Add Component for the type of user input you want
  3. Once the component is added, you can edit it in the "Component Editor". Shown in the image is the numeric editor.
    The dropdown/select editors allow specifying a hardcoded list of values or a dynamic SQL query
  4. Set the keys that you want in the form, so that you can use them in your query
kdb+ Pulse User Input

Add a user form component for each of these:

Select values for each input. Then update the query to:

Price Graphs

kdb+ Trade Price Graphs
  1. Click "Time Series" to add a time-series chart.
  2. Enter `time xasc select time,price from trades where sym=`FB to plot a single series.
  3. Enter `time xasc (uj/) {(`time,x) xcol 1!select time,price from trades where sym=x} each `FB`MSFT to plot multiple series in one chart.
kdb+ Per Row Highlighting
  1. Click "Table" to add a new table component
  2. Update the query to below:

Thanks for watching our demo. Please download Pulse to give it a try for yourself.