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    Joe L


    How can I join two tables? I have the following tables and I would like to pull the latest values into the portfolio and total them.

    q)latestPrices:([] sym:`A`B`C`D; price:10 11 9 8.)
    sym price
    A 10
    B 11
    C 9
    D 8
    q)portfolioJohn:([] ticker:`C`D`E; position:100 200 10)
    ticker position
    C 100
    D 200
    E 10


    Hi Joe,

    Use kdb left join lj to make sure entries that do not have the latest price also get pulled in like so:

    q)(`sym xcol portfolioJohn) lj 1!latestPrices
    sym position price
    C 100 9
    D 200 8
    E 10

    Kdb joins depend on column names being the same, here on the left hand side I rename ticker to sym. On the right hand side of lj the table should be keyed by it’s key joining column so I use the shortcut 1! to make it keyed by the first column.

    See kdb qsql joins for more information. Though you may also want to look into aj/qj for asof time joins.

    – Ryan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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