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    Alan S

    I am attempting to pull back a single date for one table from a production server:

    q)t:h “select from NyseEquitiesTbl where date=2013.02.13”
    I am getting a ‘limit error.

    I can successfully do similar qsql queries:
    q)t1:h “select from jpyEquitiesTbl where date=2013.02.13”
    Or I can pull the same table/date from our dev environment, I can’t see what is going wrong.

    What is a limit error?
    Should I be worried about our production server?



    IPC transfer of data is limited to objects under 2GB in size, when an object is too large to transfer you will see a limit error.

    Try pulling the columns separately then join-each like so:

    q)a:h "select sym,time from t"; b:h "select price,size from t"; r:a,'b
    sym time price size
    kjd 04:37:40.682 88.49717 28
    iik 07:54:24.777 66.8001 904
    oje 03:09:02.404 76.41439 511
    ndo 07:34:51.930 48.54351 139
    lkc 02:32:20.516 21.3479 775
    all 04:41:36.592 6.323408 353

    Be careful as if there is an insert between your calls, the join will fail with a length error. The alternative is to pull rows 0-50000, 50000-10000, 100000+ … in separate calls.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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