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    I am now getting an ‘nyi error when I try to flip my table.
    What does nyi mean?

    date time | sym size price
    -----------------------| -----------------
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.026| HG 624 113.0829
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.055| KIL 403 169.8952
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.162| IUI 40 90.202
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.183| KIL 203 129.4232
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.229| IUI 18 52.69284
    2013.03.23 09:00:00.236| AFG 176 30.63345
    q)flip UKTradeTable

    If I unkey it, it works as expected. Are there many functions which work differently on keyed tables compared to unkeyed tables?



    nyi = Not Yet Implemented
    Currently you can’t flip a keyed table in kdb, either use 0!t or () xkey t to remove the key and then flip the table.

    q)t:([a:1 2 3] b:`p`o`i)
    a| b
    -| -
    1| p
    2| o
    3| i
    q)flip t

    q)flip 0!t
    a| 1 2 3
    b| p o i
    q)flip () xkey t
    a| 1 2 3
    b| p o i




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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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