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    I often get asked why is kdb+ used by banks why not XXXX?
    Where XXX is hadoop, mongodb,spark…..

    I would turn this around and ask what is your particular goal?
    – Take the essential use cases you need
    – What criteria does that give us for evaluating a technology stack
    – Let’s take into account the skill set of our team
    – And the projected Total Cost of Ownership

    Then under that criteria let’s see what is the best solution.

    We’ve previously posted a comparison of different column oriented databases.
    Nowadays I would expand this further to include data stores available in a particular language, data frames in R, pandas in python…

    For kdb+ list it’s strengths:

    1. Kdb+ the Database – Column Oriented DB allowing fast timeseries analysis
    2. q language – fast, interpreted vector based language
    3. Combined power of kdb+/q – Change how you think!

    Now weight up the pros and cons and decide.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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