KX closes down commercial 32 bit kdb, open alternatives?

Previously on our blog we had a lively debate about a possibly Open Sourced kdb+ , unfortunately kx now seems to be moving the opposite direction. In a recent announcement they are now restricting “32-bit kdb+ for non-commercial use only”. The timing is particularly unfortunate as:

Alternative (far less enterprise proven) solutions are available:

  • MAN AHL have released Arctic an open source Market Data platform based on python and MongoDB
  • Kerf Database – A DB aimed at the same market as kdb has now partnered with Briarcliff-Hall and is making greater sales inroads

This renewed interest in kdb alternatives hasn’t so far delivered a kdb+ killer but I fear in time it will.

3 Responses to “KX closes down commercial 32 bit kdb, open alternatives?”

  1. Sand Stone

    Why Is Kerf considered a potential Kdb killer? It’s not open source, slow as hell compared to kdb.

  2. Stone Henge

    Wondering if anyone has an update on the open-sourced column-oriented solutions out there. 2+ years after this post, Kx still has a pretty tight grip on the market and is leveraging their way into new industry verticals. They remain prohibitively expensive for people who want to leverage 64-bit capabilities. What are the major hurdles? Does kdb+ have that much of a tech advantage over other solutions?

  3. Stone Henge

    Clarification: 2+ years after this post: http://www.timestored.com/b/open-source-kdb/