This DolphinDB demo was part of a Modern Databases for Finance series that was presented to finance firms in 2023 and now made public. It outlines:

  • DolphinDB Architecture
  • Common Use cases
  • Streaming Features

The presentation is by Yangchun Chu, DolphinDB Chief Operating Officer.

What is DolphinDB?

  • High performance time-series database
  • batch processing framework
  • Stream processing framework
  • Programming language + 1500 functions
  • Developed by Wall Steet quant finance veterans and purposefully built for quant finance use cases

Common Use Cases

  • Market data
  • Quant trading strategy development
  • Algo Trading
  • Market making
  • Risk management

DolphinDB Architecture

DolphinDB Architecture

DolphinDB Database Visualization

Both PulseUI and qStudio support DolphinDB as well as 30+ other data sources.

DolphinDB Architecture