Modern Messaging Platform

Updated May 1, 2024

This is a list of the top commercial, financial and open source messaging platforms available.

Businesses are realizing a one size fits all isn't working for messaging. Hopefully the outlines below will help you choose.

Popular Messaging Software

TechnologyDescriptionUse CasesScalability
KafkaApache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed to handle real-time data feeds and stream processing. It provides high throughput, fault tolerance, and durability. Real-time analytics, log aggregation Highly scalable, horizontally scalable
SolaceSolace is a message-oriented middleware platform that supports messaging patterns like publish-subscribe and request-reply. It offers high performance, reliability, and security. Financial services, IoT, telecommunications Highly scalable, low latency
TIBCOTIBCO provides various messaging technologies, including TIBCO Messaging (formerly known as TIBCO EMS) and TIBCO FTL. These platforms offer messaging and event streaming capabilities.Enterprise messaging, event-driven architectureHighly scalable, reliable messaging
ChronicleChronicle is an open-source messaging framework that emphasizes low-latency, high-throughput messaging. It is designed for applications requiring fast and efficient message passing. High-frequency trading, real-time systemsExtremely scalable, low latency
MQTTMQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight messaging protocol designed for constrained devices and unreliable networks. It is widely used in IoT and M2M applications. IoT, sensor networks, telemetry dataScalable, efficient for IoT devices
RabbitMQRabbitMQ is an open-source message broker that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP). It provides features like message queuing, routing, and reliability. Task distribution, asynchronous communicationHighly scalable, strong routing
AMPSAMPS (Advanced Message Processing System) is a high-performance messaging system designed for real-time, mission-critical applications. It offers low latency, high throughput, and reliability. Financial services, real-time analyticsHighly scalable, low latency
NATSNATS is a lightweight and high-performance messaging system designed for distributed systems. It offers simplicity, scalability, and flexibility, making it suitable for microservices architectures and IoT applications. Microservices, IoT, cloud-native applicationsHighly scalable, low latency
Apache PulsarApache Pulsar is a distributed pub-sub messaging platform designed for cloud-native applications and stream processing. It provides scalability, durability, and multi-tenancy, making it suitable for modern data architectures. Real-time analytics, event-driven architectureHorizontally scalable, durable messaging

Cloud Based Messaging Services

Cloud ProviderService NameDescriptionUse CasesScalabilityProtocols Supported
AzureAzure Service BusAzure Service Bus is a fully managed enterprise messaging service that provides reliable message queuing and durable publish-subscribe topics.Enterprise messaging, event-driven architectureHighly scalable, globally distributedAMQP, MQTT, HTTPS, REST, Azure-specific protocols
GoogleCloud Pub/SubCloud Pub/Sub is a fully managed messaging service that enables asynchronous communication between applications. It offers high throughput and reliable message delivery.Real-time analytics, event streamingExtremely scalable, globally distributedgRPC, HTTP/REST, Google Cloud-specific protocols
AWSAmazon SQSAmazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service that enables decoupling and scaling microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications.Microservices architecture, serverlessHighly scalable, globally distributedHTTP/HTTPS, Amazon-specific protocols
OracleOracle Cloud JMSOracle Cloud JMS is a managed messaging service that provides support for the Java Message Service (JMS) API. It offers reliable communication between distributed applications.Enterprise messaging, Java applicationsHighly scalable, globally distributedJMS, REST, Oracle Cloud-specific protocols
IBMIBM MQIBM MQ is a messaging middleware that offers reliable and secure communication between applications and systems. It supports various messaging patterns and integration scenarios.Enterprise messaging, legacy integrationHighly scalable, globally distributedMQ, AMQP, MQTT, HTTP, IBM-specific protocols
Alibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud MQAlibaba Cloud Message Queue (MQ) is a distributed message queue service that supports reliable messaging between applications and microservices.Microservices architecture, distributed systemsHighly scalable, globally distributedAMQP, MQTT, HTTP, Alibaba Cloud-specific protocols

Notes and Definitions

  • Redpanda is compatible with Kafka APIs but less complex, faster and more affordable.
  • Simple Binary Encoding (SBE) is a high-performance encoding scheme designed for efficiently representing structured data in binary format. It is commonly used in messaging middleware systems, particularly those that require fast, low-latency communication in industries such as finance, telecommunications, and real-time analytics.