Listed at the top are tools specialized for finance / quant data visualization only, More generic or python tools are at the bottom.
If the visualization you want is fairly generic (bar chart, pie chart, etc.) and small data sets, these generic tools will be the best solution as they have many users and a huge investment to make them work for many use cases. If however you want trade / finance specific visualiation e.g. Blotters, Order books etc. you will be better with a tool specialized for the job. These will however require either more work to configure and maintain or be costly.

Quant / Finance Specific Visualization Tools


Software TypeWeb Based Description
sqlDashboards £35 for single user No - Java Easy to use drag and drop interface that allows real-time updating charts for kdb. Users can save dashboards to file. Limited chart customization possible from GUI, only data driven.
Dashboards for KX $$$ Expensive Yes Easy to use, highly customizable, good performance.
ChartIQ $? Yes From it's own website: "..professional grade HTML5 charting library solution that works seamlessly across desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone. ...ChartIQ is a developer-friendly financial visualization engine...".
Panopticon $$$ Expensive No - Java. Easy to use, highly customizable, great performance, finance and time-series specific charting, an excellent product. The main drawback is that it's java based though they are developing an HTML client.

Generic Visualization Tools

  1. Tableau - Tableau is one of the leading tools in the field of data visualization. It offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of visualization options. Tableau can connect to various data sources and is suitable for both simple and complex visualizations.
  2. Power BI - Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is another powerful tool for data visualization and business intelligence. It integrates well with other Microsoft products and offers a robust set of features for data analysis and visualization.
  3. QlikView/Qlik Sense - QlikView and Qlik Sense are popular choices for data visualization and business intelligence. They provide interactive visualization capabilities and offer powerful data exploration features.
  4. Google Data Studio - Google Data Studio is a free tool for creating interactive dashboards and reports. It integrates seamlessly with other Google products like Google Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Ads.
  5. Seaborn - Seaborn is another Python library built on top of matplotlib. It provides a high-level interface for creating attractive statistical graphics and works well with pandas DataFrames.
  6. Plotly - Plotly is a versatile Python library for creating interactive visualizations. It supports a wide range of chart types and can be used in both offline and online environments.
  7. Looker - Looker is a data visualization and business intelligence platform that offers powerful data exploration and collaboration features. It allows users to create and share interactive dashboards and reports.

Python Visualization Tools

  1. Matplotlib - The most widely used Python library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations.
  2. Seaborn - Built on top of Matplotlib, Seaborn provides a high-level interface for creating attractive statistical graphics.
  3. Plotly - A versatile library for creating interactive visualizations that can be used in both offline and online environments.
  4. Bokeh - Bokeh is a Python library that focuses on creating interactive visualizations for web browsers.
  5. ggplot - A Python implementation of the grammar of graphics, similar to R's ggplot2.
  6. Pygal - Pygal is a Python library for creating SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) charts.
  7. Plotnine - A Python implementation of the Grammar of Graphics, based on ggplot2.
  8. Holoviews - Holoviews is a Python library that provides a high-level building block to create complex visualizations easily.
  9. Dash - Dash is a Python framework for building analytical web applications, allowing you to create interactive dashboards.
  10. NetworkX - NetworkX is a Python library for the creation, manipulation, and study of complex networks.