Error Description
abort The maximum memory that kdb was allowed, was exceeded.
adict Dictionary assignment error.
access Permissions error from bad login or attempting to run system command that isn't permitted
assign You cannot assign a new value to kdb built-in functions
badtail Badtail error is caused by a corrupt TP log
branch A branch (if;do;while;$[.;.;.]) more than 255 byte codes away
cast Error casting symbols to an invalid domain.
conn Error opening handle.
constants Too many constants (max 96)
domain Argument to function is of the wrong type.
glim `g# limit, kdb is currently limited to 99 concurrent `g#'s
globals Too many global variables (32 max)
limit Attempt to create list longer than allowable maximum
locals Too many local variables (24 max)
mlim More than 999 nested columns in splayed table
params Too many parameters (8 max)
rank Invalid number of arguments
stack Function calls too many levels deep. Possibly recursive.
stop A client query took longer than the time allowed.