kdb provides the following functions/variables within the .z namespace:

kdb .z Date Time Functions

.z.dgmt date
.z.Dlocal date
.z.tgmt time
.z.Tlocal time
.z.ts[x]timer expression (called every \t)
.z.zgmt timestamp
.z.Zlocal timestamp

.z Event Handlers

.z.pc[h]close, h handle (already closed)
.z.ph[x]http get
.z.pi[x]input (qcon)
.z.po[h]open, h handle
.z.pp[x]http post
.z.pw[u;p]validate user and password

.z Function List

.z.aip-address ie. "." sv string `int$0x00 vs .z.a
.z.acHttp authenticate from cookie
.z.bdependencies (more information than \b)
.z.fstartup file
.z.kkdb+ releasedate
.z.Kkdb+ major version
.z.llicense information (;expirydate;updatedate;;;)
.z.1quiet mode
.z.sself, current function definition
.z.vs[v;i]value set
.z.whandle (0 for console, handle to remote for KIPC)
.z.xcommand line parameters (argc..)