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zip/jar Instructions

If you cannot run .exe files or downloaded the .jar for linux/mac the instructions double clicking the .jar file should run the program. If it does not follow these steps:

  1. On linux/mac right click the .jar file, goto properties and set the checkbox "allow executing file as program". Or use sudo chmod +x qstudio.jar
  2. Try double clicking on the jar file.
  3. Its not working from the GUI let's try the command line:
    1. Make sure you have Java installed on your system. Check this by typing java -version into the command terminal. If you don't have java 1.8+, update it before proceeding.
    2. At the command terminal type java -jar qstudio.jar while in the same directory as qstudio.jar


After downloading you should register.

Version 2.0

We know 3.0 may be a big change for some people, so we are making these version 2.59 downloads available: