Parquet File Viewer for Windows/Linux/Mac

qStudio enables viewing and querying .parquet files directly by dropping them onto qStudio or by double-clicking them in windows.

parquet file association windows

Parquet uses the powerful DuckDB engine to enable features such as:

  • Running SQL queries on parquet data
  • Generating queries using AI
  • Charting parquet data

Clicking a file in windows will:

  1. Add the built-in QDUCKDB database (if it doesn't already exist).
  2. Create a script to create a view of the .parquet file in QDUCKDB.
  3. Send a select query to display the data.
  4. Provide you with a prompt, ready to use AI to generate more queries.

From this point you can use the full power of qStudio and DuckDB to analyse your data.
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Built-in Charts

Simply send the query you want and select the chart type wanted to draw a chart.