About TimeStored

We believe time-series data is already everywhere and that with the correct skills and technology an enormous amount of knowledge and profit can be gained from that data.

TimeStored have expertise in the creation of time-series analysis software, particularly kdb+ and Java with a focus on market data capture and analysis. We enjoy providing kdb training, tools, support and consulting. If you feel this is an area that we could help you with please contact us.

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The Team

John Dempster

John has a breadth of experience developing advanced technical solutions across multiple multiple sectors including retail banking, front-office trading desks and gambling exchange platforms. He has a particular expertise in high frequency data, machine learning and algorithmic trading.

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton has worked with numerous firms to architect and develop efficient and scalable financial systems. Ryan has a particular depth of knowledge and expertise in storing market data, providing advanced analytics and fast data access. He has successfully implemented systems at top banks and hedge funds onsite in London and New York using the latest technology to deliver innovative solutions and generate profit.

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