Advanced Code Editor

qStudio is an intelligent code editor for Kdb that provides :

q Syntax Highlighting

Keywords, SQL syntax, numerical values, comments and quoted text are highlighted appropriately.

example of q language syntax highlighting

q Code Completion

Code completion of built-in functions, server variables and variables in files.

Code completion of native q functions Code Completion of server variables

Query Servers

Send queries straight from within the editor to any of your servers. Kdb specific structures are handled perfectly.

A keyed table result (purple column) 
    with a nested column containing three values per row.

Server Browser

Browse a server as a tree of objects with useful common tasks available from drop down menus.

tree view of all variables that exist on a server Server Kdb configuration shown in GUI

Built-in Charts

Simply send the query you want and select the chart type wanted to draw a chart. View Chart Demo

time series chart area chart bubble chart candlestick chart heatmap histogram

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