qStudio Pro

The Pro Version offers significant benefits to reduce the time and knowledge required to perform common tasks:

  • Database Management tools to modify your database structure
  • A Data Loader for importing large data files easily
  • Language programming tools to increase programmer productivity:
    • qDoc for generating HTML documentation
    • qUnit a unit testing framework for kdb.

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Database Management

Typically modifying a kdb database stored on disk requires expert level knowledge. WIth qStudio Pro anyone can perform common operations like Adding/removing/updating a column in a partition database from within a GUI.

Manipulating a partitioned database from within the GUI.

Importing Data

Easily load large files into the database by simply selecting the file. Separators, delimiters and types will automatically be detected reducing the time and expertise needed.

Import csv files within seconds.

Generate HTML Documentation

Often kdb programmers will create modules for reuse by other groups. qDoc encourages and allows generation of documentation similar to other languages providing a clean way to give users your API details.

Generate documentation for end users of your system.

Kdb Unit Testing

QUnit is a framework for implementing testing in kdb. Unit tests target specific areas of a q program e.g. a single method. Once a test has been written, we can be sure that area of code works and in future if we change that area of code we can be sure that it still works.

Unit test results within qStudio
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