Pulse News – April 2024

It’s approaching 2 years since we launched Pulse and it’s a privilege to continue to listen to users and improve the tool to deliver more for them. A massive thanks to everyone that has joined us on the journey. This includes our free users, who have provided a huge amount of feedback. We are commited to maintaining a free version forever.

We want to keep moving at speed to enable you to build the best data applications.
Below are some features we have added recently.

Pivot Like a Pro

Pulse enables authors to simply write a select query, then choose columns for group-by, pivot and aggregation. Users can then change the pivoted columns to get different views of the data. The really technical cool part is:

  • Unlike other platforms, Pulse does not attempt to pull back all data.
  • All aggregation of data is performed on the SQL server, making it really fast.
  • For kdb+, aggregation and pivoting occur on the kdb+ end using the common piv function.


Caching for Faster Results and Less load

  • As we have deployed Pulse at larger firms with more users, the backend databases began to become a bottleneck.
  • Polling queries to data sources can now be cached and results reused within the time intervals selected.
  • This means whether there are 1, 10 or 100 users looking at the same dashboard with the same variables, it will only query once, not separately for every user.

What Changed? Diff.

  • Pulse has allowed users to open or restore previous versions since version 1.
  • Now you can view a diff to see which code or query changed.
  • Next we want to add support for file/git based deployment.
  • If this is something that interests you, add a note to the issue.


Tabs and Sheets
Pulse now supports both a tabbed interface and top level sheets.

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