qStudio v1.28 Release – Kdb+ GUI Editor

qStudio is an editor for kdb+ database by kx systems. Version 1.28 of qStudio is now available for download:

Changes in the latest version include:

  • Added Csv Loader (pro)
  • Added qUnit unit testing (pro)
  • Bugfix to database management column copying.
  • Export selection/table bugs fixed and launches excel (thanks Jeremy / Ken)

Kdb+ Csv Loader

The Kdb+ Csv Loader allows loading local files onto a remote kdb+ server easily from within a GUI.
kdb+ csv loader screen
For step-by-step instructions see the qStudio loader help.

q Code Unit Testing

qUnit allows writing unit tests for q code in a format that will be familiar to all those who have used junit,cunit or a similar xunit based test framework. Tests depend on assertions and the results of a test run are shown as a table like so:

qunit kdb+ tests

Tests are specified as functions that begin with the test** prefix and can have time or memory limits specified.

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