qStudio – You must update this year

The java core feature qStudio relied on for license key authentication has been removed in java 17. If you are using a version of qStudio lower than 2.53 you MUST upgrade this year. Download qStudio now.

  • Old license keys and old versions of qStudio cannot work on java 17+ as the core java library is removed.
  • qStudio 2.53+ released 2023-08-14 will accept both old and new license keys and work on java 8/9/11/17 …. everything.Download it now.
  • All keys provided from 2024-01-01 have been using the new key format. These keys start with QSV3.

We really wish 11+ years ago we hadn’t chosen this particular library but what can you do 🙂

Existing enterprising customers may be issued an old key for exceptional circumstances. If absolutely required, get in touch.

1 Response to “qStudio – You must update this year”

  1. John

    The timeline has been:
    May 2023 – Create qStudio version that accepts both old and new keys
    June 2023 – Roll out that qStudio
    August 2023 – Only issue new format keys to our free users
    1st January 2024 – Only issue new format keys to new corporate users. Date chosen to simplify messaging.
    February 2024 – Once we encounter no issue with the free users or new installs, contact previous purchasers.