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Kx Con 2023 – Emerging kdb Trends

I won’t go through the full list of great presentations as Gary Davies has that excellently covered but I will highlight some trends I saw at kxcon 2023: APIs are powerful abstractions that users need and love – Erin Stanton (Virtu) – Brought massive amounts of energy to her presentation, showing how accessing powerful “getData” […]

kx kdb – 2018 in Review – Changes

kdb Version 3.6 Changes: Enums and linked columns now use 64 bit indices This is a disk-format change, i.e. newly saved data will NOT be backwards compatible. 3.6 will be able to read data in the old format AnyMap – Mapped Nested Types Ability to save unmappable compound objects with >2 billion elements Mapped list […]

KX/FD Shares Fall 30%

First Derivatives Shares have fell back to a price last seen in February 2017: One cause of the fall has been a damning article by ShadowFall. Their main arguments are: First Derivatives was being priced highly as a software company It is not a software company but a consultancy. Previously good years were due to […]