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Add kdb+ Server Connection

To add a connection goto Connections->"Add Data Connection" and fill in your details.
You can try clicking test to see if the connection works before adding it.

Pulse connecting to kdb+ database

Populating the Tables

Copy and Paste the below code into the SQL Editor and press "Send Query":

You can run "-1000 sublist select from trade" to check the data is there:

kdb+ Generate Historic Trades
  1. Go to the SQL Editor
  2. Make sure your data source is selected
  3. Enter your SQL query
  4. Click Run All or press ctrl+E

Add and Edit Dashboard

  1. On the dashboards listing page, click add
    Add Dashboard
  2. Click on the newly created dashboard to go into it. Either click on edit or toggle design mode once in the dashboard.
    Edit Dashboard

Add Historic Trade Blotter

Query Historical
  1. Click Table to add that component
  2. Make sure your kdb+ data source is selected
  3. Select the refresh rate. Only On Interaction
  4. Enter your SQL query -1000 sublist select from trade click save or press ctrl+E

Creating a Form

Adding your first dropdown

  1. Click User Form to add that component.
  2. Click Dropdown Button to add a dropdown to the form.
  3. Select SQL data source.
  4. Select your kdb+ data source.
  5. Select a low refresh rate as these options are unlikely to change often.
  6. Enter your SQL query asc select distinct sym from trade click save.
  7. Click on the dropdown to check it's contents.
Add Dropdown to Form

Connecting the Dropdown to your Table

Pulse allows creating interactive dashboards, a user can either push a button, select a dropdown, click a chart or table that then displays a customized resulting table or chart. Pulse enables this interaction by using variables.
When a user clicks a Dropdown, a variable is populated.
If that variable is referenced in an SQL query, the query is ran and the result updated.

To connect our dropdown select to the table query:

  1. Check the key name of the dropdown in the form. In the screenshot below it is called key1
  2. Change the table query to be -1000 sublist select from trade where sym =`${{key1}}.
  3. Select a dropdown entry and watch the table update.
Dropdown Variable Key

Query Variable

Adding Checkboxes

We want to add additional filters for orderType, size and to only run the query when a user clicks submit.

Add kdb Checkbox
  1. Add Checkbox to the existing Form
  2. Select SQL data source.
  3. Select a low refresh rate.
    Enter your SQL query asc select distinct orderType from trade click save.
  4. A list of checkboxes for order types will be displayed in the form.

Adding Numeric Slider

Add Numeric Slider
  1. Add Slider to the existing Form
  2. Enter perc as the key for the numeric slider.

Adding a Submit Button

Click to add a submit button to the form, notice it has the key submit_4

Add Submit Button

Connect Form to Table

To connect the new input components to the form, click on the grid and replace the query with:


kdb Form complete

Select values for each input. Notice the grid is not being updated. Only once you hit submit will the form update.

Thanks for watching our demo. Please download Pulse to give it a try for yourself.