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qStudio for Kdb 1.26 Released

q Code File Browser and Adding Multiple Kdb Servers Added IDE Features: Add File Tree that allows browsing directory and providing autocomplete qDoc supports custom user tags (Thanks Aaron) Allow adding/exporting whole lists of servers at once (much quicker) Installers are now signed. Ctrl-D “goto definition” of function to open that file/position (PRO) Unit Testing […]

qStudio Kdb IDE 1.25 Released

Added qStudio Features: Faster chart drawing (~1.6x faster) Added No Redraw chart option for those who want extra speed Numerous bugfixes to charts that froze Allow setting code editor font size Fix display of boolean/byte lists

kdb+ New York User Meeting – March 11th 2013

Speakers Included: Dennis Shasha – Fun with Timeseries Interesting fun talk on finding the highest correlated streams among thousands of streams extremely efficiently by comparing streams against random generated data rather than exhaustively against each other. Followed up by pattern detection over different time windows efficiently which I think is this paper: . Aaron Davies […]