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Pulse – as a qStudio alternative

qStudio is the number one code editor, server browser and development environment for kdb+. Today we are launching Pulse, a real-time SQL visualization tool for almost any SQL database. Within Pulse we have recreated almost all the functionality of qStudio in web form. If you’ve ever wanted to: Share queries and results Run analysis from […]

qStudio 1.45 Released

qStudio 1.45 Released, we have: Bugfix: Ctrl+F Search in source fixed. (Thanks Alex) Added Step-Plot Chart display option Added Stacked Bar Chart display option Added Dot graph render display option (Inspired by Noormo) Bugfix: Hidden folders/files regex now works again in file tree and command bar. Target and hidden folders are ignored by default. Bugfix: […]

qStudio 1.43 Released – mac save bug fixed

qStudio 1.43 Released. This: Adds stack traces to kdb 3.5+ Fixes the mac bug where the filename wasn’t shown when trying to save a file. Fixes a number of multi-threading UI problems Download it now.

qStudio kdb+ GUI adds Dark Theme and Chinese Language

Based on user requests we have released a number of new features with qStudio 1.36: Download the latest ->qStudiopreferences Open Results and Charts in New Window To expand a panel into a new window click the “pop-out” icon. This will bring up the result in a new window: UTF-8 Chinese Language Support

Command Line Kdb+ Charts

sqlDashboards are included as a bundle with qStudio, part of that package is a command line utility called sqlChart that allows generating customized sql charts from the command line. Checkout the video to see how you can create a chart based on data from a kdb+ database in 2 minutes: The sqlChart page has all […]

qStudio v1.29 Release – Kdb+ IDE

qStudio is an IDE for kdb+ database by kx systems that allows querying kdb+ servers, charting results and browsing server objects from within the GUI. Version 1.29 of qStudio is now available: http://www.timestored.com/qstudio/ Changes in the latest version include a new dark theme for charts and the ability to run multiple instances of qStudio. The […]

qStudio for Kdb 1.26 Released

q Code File Browser and Adding Multiple Kdb Servers Added IDE Features: Add File Tree that allows browsing directory and providing autocomplete qDoc supports custom user tags (Thanks Aaron) Allow adding/exporting whole lists of servers at once (much quicker) Installers are now signed. Ctrl-D “goto definition” of function to open that file/position (PRO) Unit Testing […]

qStudio Kdb IDE 1.25 Released

Added qStudio Features: Faster chart drawing (~1.6x faster) Added No Redraw chart option for those who want extra speed Numerous bugfixes to charts that froze Allow setting code editor font size Fix display of boolean/byte lists