EditorType Links / Description
qStudio IDE qStudio
Atom Integration atom-q, atom-charts, connect-kdq-q
Eclipse IDE qkdt
Emacs Integration kdbp-mode, kq-mode, indiscible/emacs, psaris/q-mode
Intellij Integration intellij kdb highlighting
Jupyter Notebook IKdbQ, KdbQ_kernel
Notepad++ Notepad++ for kdb+
Pygments q-pygments
Sublime Text Integration kimtang, kimtang/sublime-q, kimtang/Q, komsit37/sublime-q
Vim Integrations vim-qkdb-syntax, patmok/qvim, simongarland/vim
Visual Studio Code Integration vscode-q

Kdb+ Editor Integrations

kdb+ IDEs

There are a number of IDEs for kdb to choose from:

  1. qStudio - highlighting, autocomplete, query server this would be our choice though we are ofcourse bias. kdb+ GUI with built-in Charting
  2. Studio for Kdb - The original IDE by Charles Skelton
  3. Q and K Development Tools - An eclipse like interface


Notepad++ is a source code edit or for windows, we can get it to syntax highlight q code as follows:.

  1. Download qlang.xml
  2. In Notepad++
    • (Before version 6.6) goto menu -> View -> User Defined Dialogue ->Import and select qlang.xml
    • (Version 6.6+) goto menu -> Language -> Define Your Language... -> Import...
  3. Restart notepad++ then close and reopen any .q/.k files, they should now be highlighted as shown below.

Intellij kdb/q highlighting is also available.