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Add kdb+ Server Connection

To add a connection goto Connections->"Add Data Connection" and fill in your details.
You can try clicking test to see if the connection works before adding it.

Pulse connecting to kdb+ database

Populating the Tables

Copy and Paste the below code into the SQL Editor and press "Send Query":

This will create three tables:

  • quotes - Containing time,bid,ask,sym columns.
  • clientt - Where each row is a Client Trade at a specified time and buy/sell price and size.
  • hedgert - Where each row is a Hedger Trade at a specified time and buy/sell price and size.
    The hedger makes infrequent trades to reduce risk positions.
Existing Tables

Add and Edit Dashboard

  1. On the dashboards listing page, click add
    Add Dashboard
  2. Click on the newly created dashboard to go into it. Either click on edit or toggle design mode once in the dashboard.
    Edit Dashboard

Add Real-Time Quote Graph

  1. Click Time-Series to add that component
  2. Make sure your kdb+ data source is selected
  3. Select the refresh rate. Every 250ms
  4. Enter the SQL query `time xdesc select from quotes where sym=`AAPL, click save or press ctrl+E.
    Note the xdesc is required as the position of the labels is decided by the order of the data.
Bid Ask Chart

Joining Trades To Quotes

Replace the table query with the below:

Once you save you should see a chart similar to that shown below. Notice:

  • The special naming buy_SD_CIRCLE means render those items as circular points only.
  • The related column buy_SD_SIZE controls the size of the circles.

This behaviour including additional shapes etc. is documented further in our TAQ chart docs. Bid Ask Client Trades Chart

Joining Hedger Trades To Quotes

We can similarly union join the hedgert table to get hedger trades as triangles like so:

Bid Ask Client Hedger Trades Chart

Next - Try it yourself

Thanks for watching our demo. Please download Pulse to give it a try for yourself.