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Integration with the tools you use

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Quick App Creation

Accelerate your time from concept to action.. Create useful interactive dashboards within minutes:

  • Trade Blotters
  • Trade and Quote Charts
  • Algo Configuration Controls
  • PnL Charts
  • TCA Analysis
  • Live Price Grids
Powerful Real-time Components with Incredible Performance

Handles thousands of updates per second. Out of the box grid and time-series plotting that scales.

Specialized for Finance

Allows plotting bid/ask as lines with either internal/external trades as shapes with their size showing the volume of that trade

Display or Write data with queries

Simply write the SQL query and Pulse will intelligently render your selected visualization. With 100s of configuration options available from the UI when you need them:

Program User Interactions Easily

Pulse allows creating complete forms with all types of inputs. Then using the user selected inputs within your SQL queries.

SQL Editor

A web version of our much loved qStudio that allows charting data, browsing tables and sharing queries or charts as easily as sending a link.

Link Tables and Charts

Table interactions can be programmed and used to update charts or display menus. For example when a user clicks the row in the table, the time-series graph for that row is displayed.

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