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Provides easy browsing of tables, variables, functions and configuration settings.

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Supports all Popular Databases

kdb kx mysql Postgres DuckDB timescale Clickhouse SQL Server

See our complete list of supported databases.

Built-in Charts

Simply send the query you want and select the chart type wanted to draw a chart.

time series chart area chart bubble chart
candlestick chart heatmap histogram

Query Servers

Send queries straight from within the editor to any of your servers. Kdb specific structures are handled perfectly.

A keyed table result (purple column) 
				with a nested column containing three values per row.

Server Browser

Browse a server as a tree of objects with useful common tasks available from drop down menus.

tree view of all variables that exist on a server Server Kdb configuration shown in GUI

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Advanced Code Editor

qStudio is an intelligent code editor for Kdb that provides :

q Syntax Highlighting

Keywords, SQL syntax, numerical values, comments and quoted text are highlighted appropriately.

example of q language syntax highlighting

q Code Completion

Code completion of built-in functions, server variables and variables in files.

Code Completion of server variables

Ctrl + Space provides auto complete of server variables, built-in functions and user defined functions.

Autocomplete kdb Code


Generate HTML Documentation

Often kdb programmers will create modules for reuse by other groups. qDoc encourages and allows generation of documentation similar to other languages providing a clean way to give users your API details.

Generate documentation for end users of your system.

Database Management

Typically modifying a kdb database stored on disk requires expert level knowledge. WIth qStudio Pro anyone can perform common operations like Adding/removing/updating a column in a partition database from within a GUI.

Manipulating a partitioned database from within the GUI.

Kdb Unit Testing

QUnit is a framework for implementing testing in kdb. Unit tests target specific areas of a q program e.g. a single method. Once a test has been written, we can be sure that area of code works and in future if we change that area of code we can be sure that it still works.

Unit test results within qStudio

Importing Data

Easily load large files into the database by simply selecting the file. Separators, delimiters and types will automatically be detected reducing the time and expertise needed.

Import csv files within seconds.