Free SQL Editor for Data Analysis

Supports All Databases

kdb kx mysql Postgres DuckDB timescale Clickhouse SQL Server

qStudio runs on windows, mac and linux. It has particularly good support for kdb+ | Parquet | PRQL | DuckDB
See our complete list of supported databases.

// SQL-Pivot

Pivot your data similar to excel, then grab the SQL query for future.

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Query Servers

Send queries straight from within the editor to any of your servers. All data structures are handled perfectly.
Export your data easily to excel, csv, etc.

SQL table result displayed
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Built-in Charts

Simply send the query you want and select the chart type wanted to draw a chart.

timeseries Chart candlestick Dark Theme
scatter chart stacked bar chart
area chart from SQL heatmap from SQL

Server Browser

Provides easy browsing of tables, variables, functions and configuration settings.

Browsing Partitioned Trade Table

Advanced SQL Editor

qStudio is an intelligent code editor for SQL:

  • Server Browser for visually viewing a servers objects
  • SQL Syntax Highlighting
  • SQL Code Completion
  • Ability to Query Servers direct from the editor
  • Charts for displaying your data

Autocomplete SQL Code

AI - Text2SQL

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