The example below shows AI generating 5 select queries for a given dataset then explaining what some SQL does:

How does it work?

Behind the scenes qStudio gathers some information on your schemas, your table names, your column names and together with some warm-up questions specific to your database technology, asks openAI to generate more queries:

Running AI Queries

qStudio includes a number of features that enables AI assistance.

AI SQL Assistant

These abilities are available from the File Menu, the Toolbar and by right-clicking on a section of code within the editor

In the example, I have:

  1. Typed an SQL comment asking OpenAI to generate 5 queries for a given dataset.
  2. Pressed F7 or selected "AI Text to SQL".
  3. The AI has produced 5 queries which are inserted below your request.
  4. You can then run the queries.

Running the Example Yourself

To run the example yourself, you can download a .parquet example file and in windows simply double click it or on other platforms, enter the code below:

kdb+ AI SQL Generation