QStudio 3.0 the leading SQL Editor for the modern data analyst.

Powerful local qDuckDB

QStudio is the best SQL IDE for data analysis.
DuckDB is the best free database for OLAP analytical queries.
Together they provide a powerful desktop platform for data analysis.

  • Powerful Local Database - qDuckDB is now at the core of qStudio.
  • Save Locally - Convert a query result from any database to store it locally.
  • Parquet File Viewer - Click to open a parquet file on windows.
    Parquet is the stored data standard of the future and works with everything.
  • Join Data from Different Data Sources


Want to pivot your data similar to excel, then grab the SQL query for future. Pulse-pivot allows you to do just that.

AI - Text2SQL

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Working Better Together

We couldn't built qStudio without partners and our amazing users. Thanks.


DuckDB is becoming the defacto column oriented database of choice for data analysts to perform analysis locally.

We have added the ability to create local databases, save results, query parquet and join queries from separate databases, all thanks to DuckDB.

Data Intellect are experts in all parts of the data pipeline, from acquisition through to analytics.

Data Intellect consultants have successfully developed qStudio authentication/authorisation integrations to allow SSO for qStudio within large finance firms.


PRQL (Pipelined Relational Query Language) PRQL is a modern language for transforming data. — a simple, powerful, pipelined SQL replacement

Working with PRQL developers we added PRQL support for all databases.

DolphinDB Database

DolphinDB syntax highlighting, code completion, server tree view have all been added thanks to Dan at DolphinDB.

Export Easily

Enhanced Excel Export - Export the full result (not just visible rows) as an excel .xlsx file.

Export XLS / CSV

Improved Highlighter

SQL highlighting refined and added HTML / JS / JSON / Bat / Sh highlighting

Improved SQL Highlighting

Other Additions:

  • SQL Editor Improved - Added SQL formatter and UPPER/lower case commands. Ability to run current SQL statement (Ctrl+Q)
  • UI Niceties - Added chart and database icons
  • Add Close Connections Command
  • Added Welcome Screen - To make it easier for new users
  • Improved DuckDB Type support - Display of nested arrays and data improved
  • Generate Command Line Charts
  • DolphinDB - Now provides server browsing, syntax highlighting and autocompletion
  • Removed Legacy Java Code

Auto-complete SQL

With builtin templates and AI suggestions.


We hope to make this the best IDE for analytical databases there can be
If you find a bug or feel there's a feature you would like added raise an issue on github or email us: tech@timestored.com

See our release changes page for older release information.

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