We hope to make this the best IDE for analytical databases there can be so if you find a bug or feel there's a feature you would like added please get in touch: tech@timestored.com

___________________________________________________________________ Changelog: 2023-07-19 - 2.11 - Add Redis Support. - Allow selecting kdb row by clicking on row number. 2023-06-15 - 2.10 - Update JQ. Improve flatlaf startup stability on windows by bundling dlls. 2023-06-01 - 2.09 - CSV loader UI fix. Upgrade to DuckDB 0.8. 2023-05-01 - 2.07 - MS SQL JDBC driver fix trustServerCertificate=true 2023-04-04 - 2.06 - Bugfix: Support dark theme paging tables and non-kdb tables. 2023-03-27 - 2.05 - Improved Appearance - Add Flat/Intellij/Material themes including fully functioning dark theme. - Change default font to Jetbrains Mono and allow rescaling of all fonts. 2023-02-27 - 2.04 - Minor bugfixes including showing that kdb returning null is :: 2023-02-27 - 2.02 - Add Server Tree support for standard SQL databases. Relies on information_schema. 2023-02-24 - 2.01 - Allow running queries against postgres/mysql/clickhouse/MS sql server databases. - DuckDB support to allow loading, creating and querying .duckdb databases - Remove sqlDashboards integration. sqlDashboards legacy version still available separately but Pulse is replacement. 2022-10-31 - 1.54 - Improved display of date/timestamps to show them in kdb format 2001.01.01 where possible. - Improved table copy/paste of single cells. To allow easy copying of strings with \r\n\t etc. - (sqlDashboards) Upgrade dependencies including: apache connection pooling, mysql/postgresql/ms-sql jdbc drivers. - (sqlDashboards) Improved handling of multiple result sets OR queries that don't return any table. - (sqlDashboards) Switch from $key to ((key)) and {key} 2022-06-09 - 1.53 - Certificate update. 2020-11-15 - 1.52 - Allow running on java 8/9/10/11. - Bugfix:DefaultDocumentEventUndoableWrapper error no longer thrown on java9. JSyntaxPane upgraded. - Bugfix:ExceptionInInitializerError no longer throws on startup, DockFrontend library upgraded. - Bugfix:UnsupportedDataTypeException was throw due to javax.bind removal in java 11+. Now bundled. - (sqlDashboards) Upgrade charting library to 1.0.19 2020-05-10 - 1.51 - jq added to bundle. 2019-12-30 - 1.50 - qDoc Add @example/@col support, decrease output verbosity, add baseHref support. 2019-08-01 - 1.49 - (sqlDashboards) SQL Array support, now displays nested numeric/date/time arrays. 2019-04-25 - 1.48 - Build using java 8. Note: This may no longer run on java 6 runtimes. - Allow license.txt specified in path. 2018-07-01 - 1.47 - bugfix to work in kdb 3.6 due to $[;;] parser change. - Copy web link to latest result button added. 2018-05-12 - 1.46 - Update to latest qunit with assertKnown and parameters. - Fix step plot to auto size the axis rather than always start at zero. 2018-03-31 - 1.45 - Hidden folders/files regex fix. - Add Step-Plot Chart display option 2018-02-11 - 1.44 - Add Stacked Bar Chart display option - Add Dot graph render display option (Inspired by Noormo) - Bugfix: Mac was displaying startup error with java 9. - Bugfix: Ctrl+F Search in source fixed. (Thanks Alex) 2017-04-12 - 1.43 - Add Stack Trace reporting when user is using wrapped-queries and kdb 3.5+ - Bugfix: Mac "Save As" dialog was hiding the filename prompt. Fixed. 2017-02-05 - 1.42 - Bugfix Sending empty query would cause qStudio to get into bad state. - Default to chart NoRedraw when first loaded to save memory/time. - Preferences Improvements - Option to allow saving Document with windows \r\n or linux \n line endings. Settings -> Preferences... -> Misc - Allow specifying regex for folders that should be ignored by the "File Tree" window and Autocomplete - Add copy "hopen `:currentServer" command button to toolbar. - Ctrl+p Shortcut - Allow opening folders in explorer aswell as files. - Smarter Background Documents Saving (30 seconds between saves on background thread) - (sqlDashboards) Stop wrapping JDBC queries as we dont want kdb to use the standard SQL handler. We want to use the q) handler. - (sqlDashboards) Allow saving .das without username/password to allow sharing Prompt user on file open if cant connect to server. - (sqlDashboards) Bugfix: Allow resizing of windows within sqlDashboards even when "No table returned" or query contains error. - (sqlDashboards) If query is wrong and missing arg or something, report the reason. 2016-06-24 - 1.41 - Add ability to use custom Security Authentications and JDBC drivers http://www.timestored.com/qstudio/help/kerberos-custom-security-authentication - Load .jar plugins from libs folder. - Remove ctrl+w shortcut as it was often getting used by mistake - Improved startup/shutdown logging. 2016-02-15 - 1.40 - No need to save changes before shutdown, unsaved changes stored till reopened. - Add sqlchart to system path. - Fix display of tables with underscore in the name. - Database documenter/report enhancements - Improved code printing - FileTreePanel much more efficient at displaying large number of files. 2015-01-16 - 1.37 - Fix query cancelling - Number of fixes to help supporting 5000+ server connections: - Allow nested connection folders - Allow specifying default username/password once for all servers - Add critical color option - Fix critical Mac bug that prevented launching in some instances - Sort File Tree Alphabetically 2014-10-20 - 1.36 - Allow opening copies of charts, results and the console in a pop-out window - Increase size of serverlist supported (4000+) - Colored editor tabs - Bugfix to tooltips and specialised sync messaging 2014-10-15 - 1.35 - Added support for UTF-8 / Chinese Language - Provide a dark code editor theme - (sqlDashboards) Fix heatmap to support single string columns again 2014-09-01 - 1.34 - Added Server Tree options to allow cloning connectsion, renaming folders, etc. - Bugfixes to server edit screen, autocomplete and jump-to-definition 2014-04-18 - 1.33 - Allow renaming folders and adding connections to folders. - Bugfix editing connectioning dialog was changing port to default - Bugfix more careful returning connections to connection pool - (sqlDashboards) Add SqlChart command line charting application. 2014-03-13 - 1.32 - (sqlDashboards) Candlestick chart - has separate charts for volume and prices. - (sqlDashboards) Add live yahoo finance sqlDashboards demos for built-in database and kdb+ - (sqlDashboards) Command Line Chart Generator added. - (sqlDashboards) Major change to how dashboard arguments are formed. 2014-03-01 - 1.31 - minor bugfix release. 2014-02-11 - 1.30 - Ctrl-P power bar that allows performing most actions from the editor e.g. lookup docs, open file, switch server. Also Ctrl-I,Ctrl-U - Many many Changes to sqlDashboards, including forms... - Scrolling line numbers on result table (Thanks Ankit) - Configurable Server Connection Querying, (Thanks Sunny) settings for persist connection, wrap queries etc. - Allow code editor font selection (Thanks Jean-Pierre) - Ability to place servers in folders. - Servers can have a color set that will alter the editor background. 2013-11-11 - 1.29 - Added Chart Themes including dark bbg - Allowed multiple instances of qStudio 2013-06-27 - 1.28 - Added Csv Loader (pro) - Added qUnit unit testing (pro) - Bugfix to database management column copying. - Export selection/table bugs fixed and launches excel (thanks Jeremy / Ken) 2013-05-06 - 1.27 - Support charting and formatted text for all Kdb Time types including Timespan, Timestamp, Month etc. - Sorting columns by numeric columns now sorts numerically (thanks Ken) - Added more q keywords and documentation - Many small bug fixes (thanks Seetaram) 2013-03-25 - 1.26 - Add File Tree that allows browsing directory and providing autocomplete - qDoc supports custom user tags (Thanks Aaron) - Allow adding/exporting whole lists of servers at once (much quicker) - Installers are now signed. - Ctrl-D "goto definition" of function to open that file/position - (PRO) Unit Testing and function profiling partially integrated. 2013-01-30 - 1.25 - Faster chart drawing (~1.6x faster) - Added No Redraw chart option for those who want extra speed - Numerous bugfixes to charts that froze - Allow setting code editor font size - Fix display of boolean/byte lists 2013-01-30 - 1.23 - Added Tree view of list data. - Quicker drawing of large complex objects. - Crash asks user to report from in-app. - BugFix: Tooltips for tables with many columns caused Aero crash (thanks Sunny) - BugFix: Secured servers where populating tree throws exceptions 2013-01-25 - 1.21 - Mac UI Improvements (thanks Charlie) 2013-01-24 - 1.20 - Results Table shows wide tables with scrollbar (thanks Weiyi)