qDuckDB has the full power of DuckDB but with BabelDB placed ontop.
BabelDB adds the ability to join data from different data sources and to save any table result locally

Saving a Table Result Locally

To save a result from any database to your local QDUCKDB:

  1. Send your query.
  2. Click the little DuckIn in the result panel.
  3. Enter the new table name.
  4. Switch to the QDUCKDB connection.
Save table to local DuckDB Database. Table Saved Locally.

Joining Data from Different Servers

  1. Switch to the QDUCKDB connection.
  2. Try sending a query to a single server using the format: query_db('localhost:5000','select from t')
    Note the first argument is the server name in qStudio and the second is your SQL query.
  3. Expand the query to be a join and run the query to see the result.
  4. Optionally use CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE T AS to save the result.
Joining Data from Different Databases.


For more documentation please see our main BabelDB documentation under the Pulse Help section.


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