Note: On the Mac the command key is used instead of control.

kdb Code Autocomplete

Ctrl + Space provides auto complete of server variables, built-in functions and user defined functions.

Autocomplete kdb Code

Command Bar

Searching for commands using the command bar, here we are changing the current server.

Almost any action within qStudio can be ran from the keyboard by using the command bar:
Ctrl + P then typing some text.
The example above shows switching servers, the command bar can be used to open files, lookup documentation, jump to function definitions all without using the mouse.

Searching for commands using the command bar, Opening a File.

If you have specified a folder in the file tree, you can then use Ctrl + P to smart match on file names to open.

Edit Shortcuts

Edit Shortcuts
Tab Documents Forward Ctrl + Tab
Tab Documents Backward Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Tab Documents Forward Ctrl + PageUp
Tab Documents Backward Ctrl + PageDown
Close Editor Tab Ctrl + F4
Quick FindCtrl + F

Query Shortcuts

Query Shortcuts

Doc Shortcuts

Doc Shortcuts

Ctrl + I can be used to outline the current file and jump to definitions within that file.

Outline Code and Jump to Definition