How does licensing work?

You can buy X licenses, each license is assigened to a specific users email address. To issue the licenses we will need to know the email address of each user. The same individual licenses CANNOT be shared amongst different users.

Where can I buy a license?


Can I get an invoice?

Yes. However there is an admin charge to cover the additional costs. Contact us for details.

Group Licensing?

Yes. We can provide company wide licenses. Contact us for details.

How does your single user license work? can I install it both of my desktop and laptop using the same license?

The license is a key that you enter into qStudio. Yes you can install it on up to 3 of your machines, as it allows use on multiple systems BUT ONLY one user.

How do I enter the License?

You will receive a code like this in your email:

We recommend you download the latest version then enter your license at the prompt or go to
Help Menu -> Enter License Key.

Is there an alternative for groups or headless systems?

Yes. You can save the license as license.txt inside the directory where the software runs and it will automatically detect the license. For example:

How to find current License Details?

Go to help->About and see the text box for license details

What are your terms and conditions?

See qStudio Terms.