The most common cause of issues is qStudio attempting to render very large results. Where possible reduce the returned data to just the size needed for your task.

Check qStudio Logs

check the logs to see what is happening during slowdowns.

  • qStudio on windows keeps a log file at C:\Users\{USERNAME}\qStudio
  • On mac/linux, you can run
    java -jar qStudio.jar
    to get a version that logs to console.
If you are in any doubt, you can email us the logs. Note you should take care to only email NON-Sensitive information.

Turning on Query Protection

To access the preferences dialog got to Settings->Preferences...

qStudio Preferences Menu

Once there you will presented with a display similar to this:

qStudio Preferences

qStudio includes the following settings in user preferences that are useful:

  • Wrap Query sent to server - Turn this ON to prevent very large results being returned. If a result is over 10MB only a text preview will be shown.
  • Maximum Table Rows Displayed - Reduce this.
  • Maximum Console Characters - Reduce this.