Before diving into further debugging we recommend you first read our article on the architecture of Pulse.

Where Pulse Stores Data

Pulse stores all dashboards, database connection details etc. to one single database file

  • Usually with a .zip install or running on linux/mac the file is called and in the current directory where you run Pulse.
  • On a windows installation, Pulse is installed to C:\Program Files\pulse as is best practice on windows installs, Pulse saves the database to: C:\Users\{{current-username}}\pulse so that each user can have their own settings.

Note sometimes you will see both a pulsedb.trace.db and file. pulsedb.trace.db is a temporary file written to when Pulse is running to allow faster database operations.

Logging can be used to log output of Pulse to the terminal.

If you think you lost data

There has never been a bug causing Pulse data loss to date. Some issues that users have experienced have been due to:

  • Perhaps the original was created with different user permissions? e.g. You installed and first ran as root and now are trying to run as a limited user?
  • Or you ran Pulse from a different current directory? Thereby creating different configurations?