Time-series Charts are the best way to visualize time-series data. They can render as lines, points or bars.

Single Time-Series

Single Time-Series Chart Dark

Multiple Time-Series

Multiple Time-Series Chart Dark

This is an example of a TAQ Chart.

Dual-Axis Time-Series Chart

On the right hand-side, the 1.axis 2.coloring 3.type 4.symbol can all be customized.

Dual-Axis Time-Series Chart

Smooth Line vs Step Plot

Step Plot vs Smooth Time-Series

Chart Margin Spacing

On the right hand-side, under the collapsible basics options, the margin spacing can be configured to adjust spacing around the chart.

Chart Margin Spacing

Chart Title and Legend

On the right hand-side, under the collapsible title/legend, the text for a chart title can be set as well as it's coloring and spacing.

Set Chart Title


You can configure the appearance of a column by adding an _SD_FORMATTER at the end of the column name.
For example if a column was call itemPrice, you could name it itemPrice_SD_CIRCLE to show the chart without a line and instead showing circle markers. Additionally you could add a column named: itemPrice_SD_SIZE to set the size of the circle/symbol.

Area Example Options Description
Shape _SD_CIRCLE CIRCLE, RECT, ROUNDRECT, TRIANGLE, DIAMOND, PIN, ARROW, NONE The shape to use for displaying points in the chart.
Shape Size _SD_SIZE Number 1-99 The size of the shape to use for displaying points in the chart. You MUST have set an SD_SHAPE first.
Point Marker _SD_MARKPOINT String Adds a labeled point to the chart at the corresponding point.
Point Line _SD_MARKLINE String Adds a labeled vertical line to the chart at the x-axis/time location.
Point Line _SD_MARKAREA String Adds a shaded area to the chart between when the label starts and finishes.

See TAQ Chart for an example of using these configurations.


An example of markers is shown below. As you can see from the table, you add special _SD_ columns to generate the markers. The column MUST begin with the name of an existing column as the points and lines are associated with that column.

Chart with Line Markers, Shaded Areas and Point Markers