Pulse supports 100+ customization settings, we will cover a few of the common cases here. You can try experimenting with the settings at PulseUI.

Chart Configuration

When in edit mode, the editor will appear on the right hand side when you select a chart:

  1. Data Source / Chart Type selection
  2. SQL Editor
  3. Column Config Editor allows simple renaming or colour customization
  4. Expandable Config Editor provides the ability to configure almost any aspect of a chart.
  5. Search lets you quickly filter the relevant chart attributes

Renaming a Column

To rename a column, click to expand the "Columns" panel, then type the new name into the selected text field.

Renaming Chart Column

Change Spacing

To add padding, set either top/right/bottom or left. Notice if you only set left to a number it will cause the chart to be left aligned, if you only set right it will be right aligned. Shown in the example is how to add a title and to space the chart appropriately to make space for the title:

Renaming Chart Column

Multiple Axis

To create a multiple axis chart, assign one of the columns to the right axis by clicking the icon shown below. This will add a new "yAxis Right" expansion that allows customizing the yAxis, to for example force it to start at a zero as shown.

Renaming Chart Column