Key Configuration

A MASTER_API_KEY can be specified as part of the Admin Configuration. We recommend using an online UUID generator.

Available in Enterprise edition.


CURL Examples

The simplest example is a call for which no authentication is required. For example:

Fetching CSV SQL Query Results

To authenticate calls as using HTTP basic authentication either:

  • Pass the username:password of a selected user
  • Pass the username api_key with the password MASTER_API_KEY as set in Admin Configuration

Setting Data Connections via API

Some users will dynamically spin up database instances on new cloud machines throughout the day and may want token_get_all make these accessible in Pulse. The upsert-conns REST API can be used to upsert new connections. As you can see below, each line sent is a separate server in the format: name@host:port:username:password where only host:port are compulsory.

The result returned is one line per server entry sent. Saying whether the server was updated/saved or unchanged. If there is an error, e.g. an incorrect format is sent, that will also be reported.

Calling REST API from kdb