A dashboard is single page, containing a group of related charts and forms. Each dashboard can be permissioned, bookmarked and interacted with by a user. In this article we focus on:

Creating a new dashboard

To create a new dashboard, on the dashboard listing page click "Add Dashboard".

This will create a new dashboard with a randomly selected name. The image is an identicon generated based on the dashboard name. clicking on the dashboard image will go into that dashboard.

Add Dashboard.

Add/Remove charts to/from a dashboard

When a new dashboard is first opened it contains a single chart/widget that contains welcome instructions.
To allow editing, click the eye/pencil icon to toggle between edit and view only mode.

Empty Dashboard.

Now that you are in edit mode, a Toolbar will appear allowing you to add charts or other widgets.
Clicking one of the "Add" options, will select that chart and allow you to drop it onto the dashboard.

Adding a Chart to a Dashboard.

Changing the layout of a dashboard

The "name tab" for each chart allows you to:

  • Double-click the name to rename that tab.
  • Drag the tab name to move that chart.
  • Click X to close the chart and delete it from the dashboard.
Drag chart to new position

Renaming the dashboard

To rename the dashboard:

  1. Make sure you are in edit-mode.
  2. Double click on the existing title.
  3. Type the new title thn press enter.
Renaming Dashboard Renaming Dashboard

Saving the dashboard

After all changes including renaming you MUST click the save button to save your changes. Any forms you have entered parameters for, will be saved with those parameters as the default when a new user opens them.

Saving Dashboard

Sharing dashboards

Dashboards can be shared simply by sending someone the URL. The URL will contain the parameters used to create your current view.

Sharing Dashboard