A user refers to any person with the ability to access Pulse by logging in. Every user is linked to a specific role that dictates their authorized actions within the system. These permissions define the activities that a user is capable of carrying out in the system.

Permission Server Admin Team Admin Editor Viewer Non-Logged in User
View dashboards yes yes yes yes Public Only+
Add, edit, delete dashboards* yes yes yes
Query data sources directly yes yes yes
Add, edit, delete data sources yes, including global/public. Yes. Team Only
Add and edit teams yes Yes. Team Only
Add and remove team members yes Yes. Team Only
Add and edit users yes
Configure server wide settings yes

* Editors can only edit dashboards either owned by themselves or owned by a team that they belong to. This includes the ability to change the owner.

Public Only+. Non-logged in users can only view data where both the dashboard and the data source is public.