What is the difference between qStudio and Pulse vs SQL Dashboards?

  • Pulse - is a web platform to allow data analysts to build and share real-time interactive data apps with their team.
  • qStudio - is a free SQL analysis application that runs on your own machine, allowing easier access to your own file system etc.
  • sqlDashboards - was a desktop based application to allow data visualizations from SQL.
    It is 10 years old and with the introduction of Pulse should be considered legacy. Only historic users will be supported.

If you only want to write SQL and chart data and look at it yourself => qStudio

If you want to share code, or real-time interactive dashboards => Pulse

Pulse Query Interface

The part that people perhaps find confusing is that Pulse has a qStudio like interface shown below. This is intentional as we believe it's a great interface and allows qStudio users to reuse most their knowledge

That interface within Pulse currently:

  • Is NOT as customized for kdb (no autocomplete or server table scrolling as of 2023-02)
  • Doesn't allow editing files on the local machine
  • Pulse does allow much better tables and charts with a massive range of customization possible
  • It also allows sharing any of your queries or apps by simply sending the URL to a team member
Pulse SQL Editor